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Millions of Americans eat health bars every day. They are a convenient and tasty way to supplement the diet with good nutrition. And now, Life's Abundance is proud to bring you the perfect health snack for your furry friend.

Packed with premium ingredients, Antioxidant Health Bars are a nutritious way to reward your sweet pup and boost his or her health. Featuring the great taste of apples, peanut butter and honey, dogs just can’t resist these delicious bars, which also include oatmeal, stabilized rice bran, brown rice, ground flaxseed, rolled oats, flaxseed oil, dried whole eggs, cranberries and carrots. Since antioxidants are so important to maintaining a healthy immune system, we’ve added a hefty helping of vitamin E, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

And the amounts of these important nutrients are guaranteed on the label, so you know exactly how much nutrition your dog is receiving on a daily basis.

In a market overwhelmed by nutritionally inadequate dog treats, Antioxidant Health Bars are the healthy alternative for canines.
Antioxidant Health Bars, Oatmeal & Apple Recipe
Improved Formula!
Life's Abundance Antioxidant Health Bars
12 oz.
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24 oz.
Your Price: $22.42
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Recommended Daily Feeding for Dogs:
Weight Treats
Less than 15 lbs 1
15 – 40 lbs 2
41 – 70 lbs 3
More than 70 lbs 4
This product is intended as a treat or snack. Not a substitute for a balanced meal. A proper diet of a complete and balanced food and regular veterinary visits are all necessary to keep your dog in good health. Always keep fresh, pure water available.

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