Opportunity awaits.

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Life’s Abundance is an employee owned company on a mission to improve the health and wellness of families.

We believe that life is precious and should be enjoyed to the fullest extent possible. We are passionate about the various products we offer, the customers we serve, the business opportunity we represent and the work of our non-profit, The Dr. Jane Foundation. Since 1999, our tireless dedication to our mission has produced an extended track record of profitability and success.


Premium. Delivered.

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At Life’s Abundance, we believe that our products and how we deliver them to the customer are the keys to fulfilling our mission. Any customer that has purchased our products has let us into their home and we believe that our responsibility to that customer goes far beyond just making a premium product. That’s why we don’t offer our products in large stores or online retailers - because traditional distribution methods lack product control, which could lead to compromised quality. Our controlled, direct-to-customer distribution process allows us to ensure our products are enjoyed the way we intended. While we have never had a recall, our process also ensures we can make direct contact with each customer if needed. We call it premium, delivered.

Premium Pet Products

We offer a full line of premium products for dogs and cats including food, treats, supplements and pet care products like shampoo.

Pursuit of Innovation

We're always working on new products and product lines that help us to further our mission and stay relevant.

Nutrition Supplements

Nationally recognized nutrition expert Keri Glassman MS.RD.CDN helped us to create this amazing line of clean, highly effective supplements.


Putting people first.

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From the beginning, putting people first has been part of our DNA. We put employees first by making the company 100% employee owned. We put customers first by providing world class products and customer service. We put our Field Reps first by providing a compensation plan that is uniquely structured to be fair and scalable, whether you want to sell products to a group of friends or build a large organization. We don’t believe in binary compensation because it favors the corporation and large distributors.


Our compensation plan has no mandatory personal purchase requirements. We don't want you buying stuff you don't need. Additionally, approximately 75% of our revenue comes from people who order on a recurring basis. This is possible because we offer high quality, consumable products with superior customer service. We designed our compensation plan to reward you for this by paying out the highest percentage on customer purchases.

Life's Abundance Shannon


Life's Abundance has changed my life because it opened me up to dream bigger!

Life's Abundance Kim


The thing I found about Life's Abundance is it's so simple! There is nobody breathing down your back saying you've got to get X amount of volume.

Life's Abundance Josh


I love what the company can do for us and I know if I can succeed at this, then anyone else can as well.

4.9 Average Product Review

The average rating for all of our products is a 4.9 out of 5.0 from Trust Pilot, one of the world's largest online review communities.

9.3 Average Company Review

Our company has been awarded a Trust Score of 9.3 out of 10.0 based on thousands of reviews collected by Trust Pilot.

75% of revenue comes from people who order high quality products on a recurring basis.

75% of revenue comes from people who order high quality products on a recurring basis.