Turkey Hearts Freeze-Dried Treats

100% free-range turkey morsels packed with flavor & nourishing goodness. Zero fillers!

From $19.49

Grain Free
Turkey & Berry Chewies

A savory, grain-free recipe featuring nutritious turkey, turkey liver, pumpkin and berries. Delicious and perfectly sized.

From $8.82

Buffalo Meat Strips

Savory free-range, grass-fed buffalo strips are gratifying to chew, leaner than beef and full of flavor.

From $6.98

Antioxidant Health Bars

Oatmeal and apple recipe with vitamins E and C, plus beta-carotene. Helps maintain a healthy immune system.

From $8.41

Gourmet Dental Treats

Honey and peanut butter recipe fortified with calcium and vitamin C. Helps support healthy teeth and gums. Parsley freshens breath.

From $8.21

Wholesome Hearts
Low-Fat Treats

Low-fat recipe with fruits, vegetables and spices. L-carnitine helps boost metabolism.

From $8.41

Tasty Rewards
Nutritional Treats

New Zealand lamb and chicken in tender, bite-sized morsels. Savory, attention-getting flavor. Perfectly sized for training.

From $7.56

Porky Puffs

A safe and satisfying alternative to rawhide, savory pork chews are packed with high-quality protein.

From $8.27

Buffalo Bully Sticks

Help reduce tartar and maintain dental health with free-range, grass-fed buffalo chew sticks. Leaner than beef, pure satisfaction.

From $13.19

Buffalo Lungs

Free-range, grass-fed buffalo lung fillets are leaner than beef and supply savory chewing pleasure.

From $8.77

Dog Treat Sampler Pack

Try our most popular treats . Contains nine delicious baked treats, savory training treats and an irresistible pork chew.

From $3.76